5 Strategic Recycling Hacks

hacks sure come in handy whether you are just joining the Green movement or you are a seasoned eco-warrior. Come with us as we explore some strategic hacks for sustainable living.

Recycling is the new buzzword. With everyone coming to embrace the Green movement to save our dear planet, it is important (now more than ever) to have this discussion.

In our fight to save mother earth, we need to practice the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Throwing out old or worn-out items is now old fashioned. Instead, you should try reusing old items and recycling broken items. The goal is to reduce the waste as much as we can.

However, some people still don’t know how to go about recycling. Do you want to reduce your waste but do not know how? Check out these 5 strategic recycling hacks. Before we jump into that, remember you get a bonus tip at the end of the article. So stay glued! Also, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel. Now, let’s get to it!

Reuse or recycle containers and packaging

What do you do with containers and packaging? The old-fashioned way is to throw them all out. However, we now know better. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to store things. You could also donate them to neighbours who need them if you don’t.

In scenarios where reusing isn’t an option, then you should clean the containers properly and give them out for recycling.

Get as many recycle bins as necessary

There is a huge difference between a recycle bin and a garbage bin. This is where some people get it wrong. A recycle bin is just as important as a waste win. With a recycle bin in necessary areas like your kitchen, bedroom, and basement, it is easier to separate items for recycling and wastes. The excuse of walking down to the other room is no longer there. Which can be discouraging sometimes.

Do not shred papers

Shredding papers makes it difficult to process them and it may even affect the quality of the paper produced after recycling.

There’s no need to shred them. I mean, you are still going to dispose of it anyway. Except, of course, they are important documents. And guess what? There are agencies set up to help you shred important documents before they are recycled. Give it a try!

Be creative

In case you do not know it yet, creativity is one of the coolest recycling hacks. You will be surprised at the unique items you come up with. Once you embrace reusing old items, you can start cooking up ideas on how to redecorate them and make them into even cooler items. Did I mention that this saves you a lot of money while saving the environment too?

Purchase recyclable goods

Irrespective of how hard you try, some things are just not recyclable. In this case, we recommend you keep an eye out for recyclable goods right from the shelf. As you go shopping, it is important to patronise items/products that can be recycled after use. Even better, look out for sustainable items/products that you can use for a very long time.

Compost leftover food

This is one of the popular recycling hacks but totally worth mentioning. Leftovers can decompose and become manure for your garden. Instead of dumping them in landfills, why not make compost and use it as manure for your garden?

All in! With these recycling hacks, you can attest to the fact that recycling is not boring and difficult. As a matter of fact, it is cool, stress-free, and saves you some cash. Most importantly, it contributes to keeping our plant home safe. Which has become a communal task for every one of us. Thankfully, you are on the right track. Keep going!

Also, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel. Until next time, bye!

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Eco-friendly & plastic-free products for a greener planet.

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