Eco-friendly Lifestyle: 5 Effective Waste Disposal Methods

Ready to join the eco-friendly lifestyle? Welcome! Reducing and disposing of wastes is one of the biggest challenges here. But have no worries, there are many eco-friendly waste disposal methods available.

How do you dispose of waste? Governments around the globe are devising new laws and commitments to ensure global warming doesn’t get worse than this. It is said that it took us this long to realise our ship is sinking. But now that we are awakened to the adverse effect of our activities on the planet, we need all hands on deck to ensure we don’t sink further than this.

One good way to contribute to saving the planet is by reducing the number of wastes you produce. Even more important is to understand the right way to dispose of accumulated wastes.

As an eco-warrior, of course, you know better than throwing wastes into landfills or burning them. These are 5 Effective Waste Disposal Methods you want to try.

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Make a compost

Composting waste is one of the widely accepted waste disposal methods. That is because of the usefulness of the end product — manure.

Composting is very easy. This waste disposal method entails burying organic wastes in a pit and allowing microorganisms to slowly degrade the content. Eventually, you will have zero waste and very fertile land for planting. Basically, you have successfully transformed the waste into something useful.

Give it to animals

No doubt accumulating waste can be inevitable sometimes. However, what counts is what you do with the wastes. People are getting creative with waste disposal. You can try giving our leftovers to your pets or farm animals. While you have had a lot to eat, these animals will be happy to have some extra to chew on.

While at it, keep in mind that certain foods are not edible for certain animals. Be sure to check before serving them any leftovers. Better yet, take the leftovers to farm animals. They tend to consume a wider range of foods compared to pets. Don’t harm your pet!

Learn to recycle

To combat the enormous amount of wastes humans produce daily, the eco-friendly lifestyle revolves around three major R’s — reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Recycling is a great way to convert wastes into useful content. Many creative recycling ideas are already into practice. Fortunately, recycling works for most waste today. You can help the planet by joining the trend. Instead of dumping wastes in landfills, try getting them to the nearest recycling point. You will be amazed at what they can create from ‘nothing’.

Try plasma gasification

This is a waste treatment method used to convert organic wastes into useful byproducts. The wastes are subjected to very high temperatures, and then, in the process converted into a synthesis gas with the use of a plasma torch.

The wastes are passed through an electric arc, heated, melted, and then vaporised. The gaseous product obtained is the synthesis gas, which is used for domestic and industrial purposes.

Maintain proper drainage system

This is yet another effective waste disposal method for an eco-friendly lifestyle. A proper drainage system is important for certain wastes such as wastes water and sewages. Every home should have a good drainage system that allows easy flow of liquid wastes. Besides polluting the air, note that a poor drainage system is very dangerous to your health. It could lead to a number of diseases.

Lastly, ensure the drainage system is not constructed close to your water source, as that could as well lead to a plethora of diseases.

Bonus Tip!

Reduce waste

You will agree that the best waste disposal method is to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Currently, we produce so much waste that we can recycle or even compost. Our best bet right now is to reduce drastically, try and reuse, and recycle the very small portion that remains. That way, we already rid the planet of so much waste.

In the kitchen, remember to cook as much as you can consume. When shopping, it is best to buy fresh or buy items that do not come with plastic wrapping.

Thank you for joining the eco-friendly lifestyle. The fight to save our planet is not one for the government alone. You can contribute to this fight by making slight changes to your daily activities. The planet is counting on you to do your part.

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