Natural and Organic Eco Friendly Bathroom Essentials

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Many efforts are extended toward eco-friendly living in terms of products used in the home. But little attention is often given to the bathroom and toilet. There is no doubt that they also contribute to waste threatening our environment as some of the products used are not eco-friendly. So, it’s necessary that we opt for sustainable alternative bathroom essentials that will help us to contribute to the betterment of our environment without compromising the efficiency of our bathroom. Since you’re reading this, we believe you want to do the same. Below are eco-friendly choices you can start using in your bathroom.

Steel Safety Blade

Most people use razors made from plastics which are not environmentally friendly as the plastics will be disposed of and will not degenerate, thus filling up the lands and oceans. You want to save the planet by going for a reusable alternative. Using a reusable steel razor has many benefits. It helps to reduce the plastic wastes that end up in the landfills, saves money by reducing the cost of continuous purchase of plastic blades whenever you want to shave and gives you a better shaving experience. If you can take good care of the blade, you can use a single one for a lifetime. All you need is to replace the blade when you want to shave. As for the blade, you don’t have to be concerned as they can be recycled. With a steel safety blade, you can contribute to the safety of the ecosystem while enjoying a better shaving experience.

Bamboo Toothbrush

If you want to have clean and healthy teeth without posing any threat to the sustainability of the planet, a wooden toothbrush would be your best option. Here, we are talking of the ones made from bamboo trees in particular. This is because it will biodegrade in a few months of disposal, leaving the environment harmed as against the plastic toothbrush that affects the environment appearance and wellness. The bristles of the brush are also infused with charcoal, which means that you will have better teeth whitening as stains can easily be removed, and the antibacterial effect helps to eliminate germs from teeth. If you’re yet to have a bamboo toothbrush in your bathroom, it’s high time you get one.

Reusable Sanitary Pads

It might not be easy to switch from the disposable menstrual pads that you’re conversant with to the reusable option. But if you will let off your attachment and analyse the pros and cons of reusable pads, it’s possible that you will make up your mind and settle for it. Apart from the fact that disposable pads are plastics that will fill up the waste site and their production is energy consuming, they also contain lots of chemicals that are not suitable for your private parts. So, you’re not only saving the earth by using reusable pads. You’re also doing good to yourself. It might look too expensive to get an eco-friendly pad for yourself. However, you can use a single reusable pad for up to four years without any flaws. This shows that reusable pads will save your money and reduce wastes.

Bamboo Q Tips

Q tips made of bamboo is another beautiful choice you can make for your environment. As against plastic ones that will add to wastes that affect waterways, bamboo cotton buds are made of bamboo, which is degradable. The fact that you can use a single reusable one up to a thousand times makes it not only eco-friendly but also a sustainable option. They’re useful for cleaning your ears and can be handy tools for your make-up. You should remember that inserting Q tips deep into your ear is not advisable. The outer part is where you’re expected to clean.

Metal Tube Toothpaste

Since we’ve mentioned toothbrushes, it’s not bad to inform you that you can also have a suitable eco-friendly option for your toothpaste. Metal tubes are recyclable, which means that the ecosystem will not be affected because you want to whiten your teeth. Another merit of the metal tube is that it saves you from the chemicals used in making plastic tubes. Whenever you want to make your next purchase, a paste with a recyclable tube is the real deal.

In conclusion, it’s important to remind you that you have to live a zero-waste life to be eco-friendly. You don’t want to throw away the essentials you already have because you want to go for a better alternative because doing so will still lead to more waste in the landfills. So, it’s better to continue using what you have in stock and replace them with sustainable options as they run out.

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